Bathroom Remodeling

Transitioning To an Oasis

It's time to remodel your bathroom. What do you picture this amazing oasis to look like? What can you improve with functionality, beauty, and a place to unwind after a stressful day. When you close your eyes and create that vision of your dream bathroom, what kind of perfection do you seek? Can you already see yourself already there, soaking in your luxurious tub? But, understandably, the path to that perfect bathroom is not so straight, but rather a journey of sorts as you start with the planning process. There are so many important things to consider, and with A Walk of Elegance Flooring and Design, we handle your precious project, taking you by the hand every step of the way. Before you know it, your project is in the works and in no time, you'll wake from that dream into a reality as you imagined it. Call us at 865-986-6767.



When prioritizing on where to spend versus what to save on your bathroom remodel, you need experts you can truly trust and depend on both through the design and selection process as well as installation.

Being confident in where you should invest your hard-earney money and where to save during your bathroom remodel is critical to creating a bathroom that you and your family will love for years to come, and one that will increase the value of your home. We are commited to remodeling your bathroom to provide the best functionality and the most splendid design.

In order to fall in love with your final product, it’s imperative to consider all of these items to create your best oasis possible.

  • Tile – While tile flooring can be more subdued, adding colored tiles that pop above a bath replacement as a backsplash can make your entire bathroom transform while remaining cost-advantageous. Consider a custom tile shower as opposed to a fiberglass shell.
  • Showers and Baths – The trends in showers and baths are changing as we design more and more around safety in addition to luxury. Transitioning old showers into walk-in showers is all the rage right now. Old tubs can be replaced with soaking tubs, corner tubs, and of course the ever popular free standing tub.
  • Cabinets – Deciding not to replace old cabinetry is never a good idea. Built to last, our quality cabinets will be used for years to come, and are engineered to withstand the various temperatures and moisture in your bathroom.
  • Granite Countertops – Actually more affordable that you probably imagined, granite countertops are low-maintenance and high quality. Spending a little more than inexpensive countertops that chip and buckle can actually save you money and headaches in the future.
  • Paint – A fresh coat of paint can absolutely transform the entire feel of a bathroom. The new trends are leaning toward subtle, soft colors and pairing with an amazing tile. Check out the 2020 color trends.
  • Sinks – An undermount or vessel sink adds a beautiful touch to outdated, scratched, and stained sinks.
  • Fixtures – With so many options for fixtures and hardware, our Design Consultants will help you choose a beautiful color scheme that can be subtle or more pronounced effect to the overall bathroom.
  • Toilet – A comfortable toilet is an essential that will be used often over the years. It’s a good idea to invest initially and not have to keep replacing cheap and poorly made toilets, essentially costing you more out of pocket.

Plan with YOUR Budget, not ours.
To remodel your bathroom with ease and transparency, it’s essential to know your budget beforehand for picking out your colors and design, planning the installation, and adding in the other pieces that reflect your personality. Many people waste precious time and energy designing and quoting their bathroom remodeling project, only to get "sticker shock" and then abandon their dreams. It's ok, be transparent with us about what your budget is and we will design the most amazing bathroom for your money.

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