Carpet Cushion

Choosing the right carpet pad can extend the life of your carpet.

Importance of carpet pads

The main reason you need a pad is to protect your carpet. Carpet pads can protect your carpet by reducing stress placed on the carpet during use. The additional padding can also make for a more comfortable walk on the carpet, but this is not the intended purpose. In fact, the most comfortable pad may be worse than no pad. If the padding is too thick, it can cause the carpet to wear down even faster or cause the backing to delaminate. Because of this, some manufacturers will not warranty carpet unless your pad fits certain specifications that are determined by a carpets type, style, and make. Be sure to check that the pad you have selected fits the manufacturers specifications.

Other benefits of padding:

  • Dampens sound
  • Provides thermal insulation
  • Makes cleaning more efficient
  • Can protect from spill damage to the subfloor


Types of pads

Standard Rebond Cushion lacks many of the features our other pads in the line up have. Standard Re-bond cushion is treated with our fresh dimension anti-microbial, but it does not offer any spill protection. Any liquids or pet accidents risk making it to the subfloor, or almost even worse than that… making it to t/he pad and constantly wicking back into the carpet. Making it near impossible to clean. This is our base grade cushion, it is a good product and has a nice firm walk.

Prime Urethane Foam offers the most comfort under foot for your high-end carpet choice. Not only will this prolong the life of your carpet but will give a pillowy and cloud like walk. Some of the features of the cushion include, a top and bottom moisture barrier, Fresh Dimension anti-microbial (for things like pet odors), and a LIFE TIME of the home warranty. The manufacturer is so confident in this pads ability to perform and withstand the trials of time that we offer a lifetime warranty if it is ever to fail. With a double moisture barrier, your carpet is protected from not only spills on top of the carpet, but also moisture if any was to come from below it. It is made from prime urethane foam and has no filler in it.

Bonded Plus offers an affordable cushion with all of the bells and whistles necessary to have a sustainable floor. This is an upgrade re-bond product made from post-consumer products. it does not offer the same comfort underfoot as Prime Urethane, however it is protected with a Scotchgard Moisture Barrier. Scotchgard is also treated with anti-microbial to combat pet odors and things of that nature. This is a little firmer of a walk, as compared to the urethane foam. This is a better choice in a home where walkers and or wheel chairs might be used.

Hard surface Underlayment is one of our house specialties. This pad is designed for hard surfaces like hardwood. LVT, LVP, Engineered and Hardwood floors are known to be loud when walking on. By installing Hard surface Underlayment in your home, you will greatly cut down on impact noise like loud clacking footsteps, as well as sound transmission noises like TV upstairs, and music. Hard Surface Underlayment will help prolong the life of your floor and is also treated with our fresh dimension anti-microbial. This is the safest bet for any LVT, LVP, Engineered and Hardwood floors. Many people worry about the thought of even putting a wood look LVT in their home bathrooms due to the thought of moisture. Let us help you put your mind at ease, this will insure that no bacteria will grow under your floor due to moisture. This will also help with heat retention during the cold months by helping to insulate. When investing in a hard surface product, consider hard surface underlayment to not only protect your investment but to give a much better walk.

Watch our video to learn all about carpet pads!