What Floor for What Room?

Let's break this down and talk about the pros and cons of each:

Bathrooms: Obviously carpet is out. Seriously. Please don't put carpet in the bathroom... A rug yes, but carpet, no. But, what you can use is tile or even luxury vinyl plank.
Kitchens: Again, steer clear of carpet. Like bathrooms, you could use tile, but think about those heavy pots, pans, and even drinking glasses. Drop one of those puppies on a tile floor and you might be looking at a repair. The good news is that tile isn't hard to repair - as long as it hasn't been discontinued. For this reason, if you decide to put tile in your kitchen (or anywhere else for that matter), always, always, always order a little extra to have on-hand in your attic for a repair, if ever needed.

Probably THE most popular choice in kitchen flooring design is luxury vinyl plank. It's an amazing product that will stand the test of time. WaterPROOF; spills are no match for LVP. Just a quick mop and you're ready for the next kitchen adventure.

Bedrooms: The sky is the limit here! In high humidity areas such as Florida they often use tile, but here in Tennessee you have a lot of options. Carpet is often a go-to because of the luxury and softness of having that soft pile between your toes. Luxury Vinyl is showing up in all design trends as the new leader in bedrooms in addition to other rooms in the house. This gives the whole home a uniform look, especially in open-concept home designs. And then of course, there is the timeless beauty of hardwood flooring and engineered flooring (yes, this is still an all-wood product). When using LVP or hardwood products, the addition of an area rug gives you that softness underfoot that you want in your bedroom.
Living Rooms & Dens: You've really got 3 choices unless you're furnishing a beach house or other high humidity area living room. Luxury Vinyl (tile or plank), hardwood, or carpet. We've put those in order of what we like best if you were wondering (hint-hint).

Basements: This one is a little more tricky. When folks are remodeling a basement, they often have a laundry list of big ticket items to accomplish with this renovation, including electrical, plumbing, you name it. So, the tendency is to go with what is perceived as the least expensive option - carpet. But, that's not always the case. It's not unusual to be able to find LVP at a price that makes it more appealing, especially when you consider where it's going. But, where is the basement? Of course, it's partially underground. Where does water go when there's a leak? That's right... Down. No matter how well-built your home is, there's always the risk of a basement leak and even the smallest ones can wreak havoc on your floor. It's for this reason that we recommend our favorite, luxury vinyl tile or plank.

Dining Rooms: Like living rooms & dens, you can really use your preference in this room; however, we don't recommend carpet unless you use a very large area rug under the dining room table.

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