Luxury Vinyl Plank

It's all the rage!

You can spill stuff, muddy little feet and dogs can wreak all kinds of havoc, and vinyl plank will still look wonderful after a good mopping.

Luxury Vinyl Plank is a product that offers many benefits to homeowners.

So much so that it is fast becoming a market leader. LVP is not just durable though. It is also very stylish. The market is filled with styles and colors ranging from rustic to modern looks. The texture and knots of barnwood oak looks so realistic your guests will think its real wood. The gray tones are a very popular look. Create a clean color palette with a light oceanic gray. The lighter, sleek, grays lean towards the more modern look, while the darker grays with texture feel a bit more casual. Honey tones, browns, and maples are also great styles to checkout too.

Vinyl plank is easily installed. It can be floated or glued. Floating is the most popular option. Transitioning to existing rooms with other flooring is easy. LVP has transitions to match whatever style you choose.