What You Should Never Avoid in Your Bathroom Remodel – 5 Things

Author: Emily Herrington




Obviously, it’s important that you keep your budget in mind when you are doing your bathroom remodel, and at A Walk of Elegance Flooring & Design, where we are More Than Just Floors, we help you achieve your budgetary requirements, all while creating a beautiful space that your family will love for many, many years.

Our Design Consultants are experienced in making sure that your entire room transforms to your style, and that you don't miss those critical elements that bring it all together with your budget in mind.


In order to make that dream possible, you need to make sure that these items are part of your budget in order to make the look as transformational as possible.

•          Decorative Porcelain Tile – While floor tile can be more subtle if you like, adding decorative tiles as a border or within a backsplash or shower niche can give the entire bathroom that “wow” factor.

•          Cabinets – Cheap cabinets are never a good idea. Sturdy, solid cabinetry built to withstand a lot of use within fluctuating bathroom temperatures and humidity will prove to be an important investment.

•          Granite Vanity Top – Spending a little extra on low-maintenance, high-quality countertops on the front end can actually save you unnecessary costs as time goes on. Granite gives a luxurious look that can’t compare with standard laminate countertops.

•          Fixtures – There are many options to choose from when it comes to lighting, mirrors, faucets, knobs, etc., and it helps to choose a tasteful theme that goes with your style to coordinate the entire bathroom together.

•          Toilet – Used many times a day, toilets come in a variety of styles and options. Whether a dual flush, comfort height, or wall mounted toilet, it is paramount that you choose wisely to avoid the constant replacement and plumbing repair costs of a cheap and poorly made toilet over time.




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