Shower Niches

A funny little word that means so much

Author: Sherri Posey


Let's face it if you are having a new tile shower built in your bathroom remodel, then you need a "niche". It's a funny little word and I've heard it pronounced in so many ways. Some say NEESH (I've even heard it pronounced Nike - that was a funny one). Either way, a niche is a place for you to store your things in your shower.

imageIt can be practically any configuration or location you want within your shower. Most common is a standard 2-Tier niche with a shelf in the middle, sized perfectly for shampoo bottles on the back wall of the shower. I, however, think a niche should be much more important than just a shampoo holder.

Placement is paramount. Here are just a few reasons why:

Picture this, you have a newly remodeled bathroom. WOW! It's really gorgeous.

You walk in, it's all open, and your new, frameless glass doors look spectacular. So does the tile. Fast forward 2 days. You are now using the bathroom instead of just waiting for it to be finished. It's in it's full state of utilization.

If you have your niche on the back wall of the shower, your eye is not drawn immediately to the beautiful clear glass doors anymore. Now, you see your husband's razor, all the bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and heaven knows you have to have a shampoo for him because he definitely won't use an expensive ladies brand.
imageSoap, washcloths, loofas, and facial cleanser.

Thats just a few things, but you get the idea. Now your eye is drawn right to all your stuff! Bad placement, now your beautiful tile shower looks cluttered. Let's rethink that niche now that see why it's so important.

Inside walls of the shower are perfect; you have everything you need right there, but it's not an eye sore. You can still put a decorative niche on the back focal wall if you'd like, because you still have a place to put your toiletries on the sidewall niche. You can create any style niche you want if it's a special size. These can be built to a specific size by your tile installer.

Check the standard sizes of preformed niches first though. They save a lot of time. Niches can be a focal point in your shower by picture-framing them with a decorative tile trim or using a mosaic tile that compliments the tile on your shower walls.

Or, you can use that same tile you used on the walls that creates a uniform, clean look. All niches when installed will be built (or installed) and then waterproofed to make sure there is no leakage in the corners. In addition, the tile at the niche bottom will have a slight pitch so water drains forward.