Bathroom remodeling on a budget

Author: Emily Herrington




At A Walk of Elegance Flooring & Design, where we are More than Just Floors, one of our favorite projects to do with our clients is a bathroom remodel. Of course, remodeling does come with a price tag, but a bathroom remodel doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you’re on a limited budget.

Take our Silver Level Package for instance. A little bit goes a long way. We spent a lot of time focusing on the most critical components that will give your bathroom the facelift you deserve.

At A Walk of Elegance Flooring & Design, our Design Consultants are dedicated to bringing you the best quality and service to your affordable remodeling project.

When it comes to your bathroom remodeling project, using up-to-date fixtures such as faucets and hardware, knobs, and lighting, it will make an enormous difference at an affordable cost. You may not always notice these fixtures when using your bathroom, especially when you’re focused on the bigger aspects, but replacing ┬áthese dated and heavily worn features with new, shiny ones can bring that extra beauty and pizazz to your entire space, all while increasing the value of your home.

The same goes for your accessories such as mirrors, soap dispensers, and other items that complement the room. Get rid of any of accessories that are water-damaged, rusty or stained, and replace them with new and modern ones.

Paint makes a room come to life! Your green and gold bathroom may have looked great 20 or 30 years ago, but it’s prime time to update. Often times, especially in high humidity environments, old paint may have water-droplet stains, maybe even some mildew spots, or it could be chipped and peeling in some areas, depending on the age of the walls. At A Walk of Elegance, we offer every color imaginable in high quality paint that will last many years to come.


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